Can We Accomplish Our Global Goals?

During the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of questions circle around the emergence of a new world order. Scholars, medics, and scientists all over the world are sure that things will never get back to normal. Though a ‘new normal’ is expected to keep the world going.

Grieving the loss that we’ve had to face, we’ve had tough decisions to make regarding our own minimal resources. The amount’s we’ve donated, along with the service we’ve put in, has helped people from around the world. Though, suffering still exists no matter the number of steps we take.

There has to be a solution to better things in the years to come. There is, but like all things good, the answer lies in persistence and perseverance, and will take time to come along. Though ultimately, we need to profess and inspire change today for changes that the world needs in the future.

What are Global Goals by the UN?

Let’s get started with a few ideas from thought leaders.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Organization has decided on 17 Global Goals for the world to be more humane by 2030. A department of the UN works on these day in and day out, and their path breaking advancements are recorded duly.

The initiative was started in 2015 and is still at the forefront for development of new ideologies in the world.

How is Jano’s Bazaar supporting Global Goals?

We wish to be a bigger part of the initiative, though here are three goals that align with those of our company. (Read more about the global goal by clicking on them).

Our imports from Nepal are expected to help build more businesses and get us into tourism, to help as many folks as we can. Right now, apart from spreading the word about beautiful countries like Nepal that many of you are yet to visit, we’re helping you make the best from your travels. Invariably, building a network of responsible travellers who wish to make a difference.

Till date, we play an infinitesimal part in the achievement of the goals, though we wish to do better in propagating the message of its ‘possibility’. We look to other businesses to see what you can do best, but recommend you first be informed about the opportunity to do better.

How Can You Help Support the Global Goals?

Read. Read. Read. To begin with. We need all the help we could get to take this forward. Once you know exactly what’s happening around, you can decide which of the 17 goals your business’ vision could align onto.

Let’s look out for the future.

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