Janosbazaar has Natives Overcome their Hardships in Nepal

Every beginning has a story. Here is ours.

My trekking friends and I helped Kirat finish secondary school in 2019.

Kirat is a Nepali native who left school due to financial issues from the 1996 civil unrest in Nepal. He is 30 years of age and a phenomenal young man. Even before we stepped in, he was a trekking guide and a social activist for his village.

The financial support first came through the generosity of fellow trekkers who immensely adored and respected Kirat. As time passed, we needed a change in plan.

We needed an income source and an online marketplace was a good idea to generate funds. The need to follow through and continue to assist Kirat and his countrymen felt like a calling.

Jano’s Bazaar is a product of this circumstance. Jano began selling Yak Shawls online. These are beautiful, culturally authentic, and deliciously warm. They created a buzz in our friend circles.

Ergo, we helped Kirat clear his exams in 2019 and sustain his family in the meantime. However, it doesn’t end there. We just made a difference in a single life. To help more people, we knew leaving things up to hope isn’t a plan.

Last November, Jano decided to kick-start an ethical online marketplace for handicrafts from Nepal, thereby helping more individuals and spreading recognition of Nepalese craft skills.

Janosbazaar for NepalJane with Kirat in Kathmandu – March 2017

What we Sell at Jano’s Bazaar

Our first priority isn’t sales. We highlight fair trade and ecologically-sound ethos at the crux of our initiative. Secondly, our profits go towards our profits go towards driving social change.

Together with Kirat, Jano sourced fabulous and elusive items from off-the-wall markets in Nepal. We have 15 authentic items now, all listed with their unique historical significance.

You’re invited on our journey of continuing to make a difference, one step at a time.

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