The Sound Of Laboured Breathing

Step by step on the Annapurna Trail

To see a monkey….

The seven members of Hendo’s Hiking Harem awake to the magic of Kathmandu after a hard couple of days travelling in giant beasts of the sky.

Our digs in the Radisson Kathmandu are far from the reality of the daily lives of the locals. But step outside and the not-so-rarified air is a reminder that we are indeed in this marvelous place. And adventure awaits.

To see a monkey. Such a simple thing for those who are used to it; but an absolute flight of fancy for one, like Jano, whose last and only contact with a monkey was at the age of 2 when one reached out of its cage at the zoo and grabbed a fistful of her hair. It had to be manfully coerced to let go, and Jano thereafter spent her childhood fielding unfortunate comparisons.

Actually there was a second time. It was also a poor caged creature, when Jano’s son Jock had a similar experience except that in his case the monkey, a boy, carefully lined him up and peed on him….copiously, gleefully, accurately.

But in Kathmandu the monkeys are roaming free. Great brutes of things scramble on the rooftops and teeter across the (astonishing) maze of electric wires. Those, and the myriad stray dogs, signify an exotic location, so very different from home.


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