Vibrant Markets of Nepal: Asan, Kathmandu

When you travel it’s best to keep your options open, even when you have a list of spots to visit. It’s amazing to end up in a place you’ve never intended to be at. Veteran travellers channel such chaos to get work done and feel comfortable, when in doubt. And, that is a wonderful way to tour the world.

Impromptu visits to questionable places ground you to the reality of a place you’re ‘just’ visiting. While mixing with locals you get to explore places you’d normally avoid. Places like local markets are where you’d not mind spending quite a few hours, especially if you’re fascinated by foreigners’ customs and culture.

When in Nepal, Jano makes it a point to visit off-beat places for the love of being in a new place. A market that we’d suggest travellers wander into is Asan in Kathmandu. It’s a market that’s crowded most of the time, and it’s the only place you’d get every spice Nepal’s famous for.

Products from Asan, Kathmandu

Is Asan the place you’re looking for? The bazaar at Asan attracts shoppers from all over Kathmandu because of the tremendous variety of merchandise sold here, ranging from foodstuff, spices, and textiles to electronics and bullion. The lanes are so congested that it’s easier to walk through than drive.

We do not shop for Jano’s Bazaar from here, though we recommend visiting it for the rich culture you get to explore. Our handicraft products for Australia are purchased at other markets.

Asan is also one of the popular tourist spots in the city because of its architectural sights and charming ambiance. So you’d come here for the vibe of Old Nepal, or to flavour your food if you’re into cooking. You can also score a few gadgets that you cannot find anywhere else in the city.

An Introduction to Asan, Kathmandu

Regularly addressed as the busiest spot in Kathmandu, the market is built on a six lane crossroad. More commonly known as Asan Tole, the place is home to some of Nepal’s most renowned places of worship such as Annapurna temple, Ganesh and Narayana shrines, and Buddhist stupas.

Moreover, Asan is a hub of Newari culture, an ethnic group who were the original inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley. You’d spot old houses with ornately carved doors and window frames all over.

Whether or not you’re aware, a wild hippie culture evolved throughout Kathmandu a few decades back. One hub for this was ‘freak street’ in Asan. The place that was locked down and raided multiple times, and has now come to reflect the colourful artistic expressions of that rebellion.

You could visit and tell us how much you loved the place.

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