Vibrant Markets of Nepal: New Road, Kathmandu

You’re here looking for the best places to shop in Nepal, Kathmandu. Instinctively, we’re here to help you figure your way through this carnival of a place.

Kathmandu is not a city for shoppers who crave branded stuff. You’d probably pick up something that is in vogue and keeps you hip throughout your journey. Adding to the zing, you could end up with some functional accessories that needn’t be branded to help you stand out.

Though apart from the fashionista genre, you could find handicrafts and ethnic arts made by traditional artisans from the backstreets.

Every market in Kathmandu has a vibe that sets it apart from the others. In our travels through Nepal, we have been able to whip out the best of Nepal’s handcrafted products for JANO’S BAZAAR based in Dalby, QLD. So, if you know what you’re looking for we’re here to tell you where to head.

Products from New Road, Kathmandu

Is New Market the place you’re looking for? Well, you can find artefacts as well as amazing modern hippie stuff if you head to New Road, Kathmandu. The place is bustling with energy and it is the hub for ‘best buys’ owing to all the bargaining you’re allowed.

A financial hub and the busiest street of Nepal, New Road, Kathmandu is balanced with whole streets dedicated to clothes and accessories and on the other hand the one thing that’s brought to Australia by JANO’S BAZAAR, gem stones and pendants.

An Introduction to New Road, Kathmandu

Towards the south of Thamel, you’d find one of Kathmandu’s oldest markets named ‘New Road’. It gets its name from its legacy of being a loved hub way back in the day. It’s old to the extent of having Nepal’s first Mall and was probably named as ‘New’ around that time, with it living up to its name with the inflow of present-day fashion products.

Furthermore, it is home to astrological gems and pendants. If you look well and have someone to show you around, you could end up with some really rare stones. Beware of frauds as you’d do in any foreign market, and you’d stay a happy tourist.

Are You Traveling to Nepal?

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