Where is Jano’s Bazaar Headed?

We’re calling out to people who can make a difference in the world. We know they are those who appreciate products like ours.

Some of our products made available are yak wool products, Naga necklaces, and hemp backpacks in Australia.

Today, we’re a globally accessible online marketplace promoting handicrafts from local bazaars in Nepal. This small step has helped us reach an audience who is inclined to ethical buying. We wish to make this group bigger.

Our customers get amazing products with rich history, and a few persisting issues get the much needed help it requires.

Kirat, my fellow visionary, is the first example how life-stories could change with minimal help. To understand the change we aspire for, here is his story you’ve to know first.

Kirat’s Life Story is Strong Motivation

In 2017 Kirat was at a turning point. He was preparing to leave to labour in Dubai, something that’s common amongst his compatriots. Staying with his family in Nepal and pursuing education was beginning to seem like an impossibility, even though his younger brother was yet to be educated too.

Kirat’s family had fallen on hard times in the 10-year Nepalese civil war from 1996, when they lost their family trekking business. The family had to move from Kathmandu to a remote village in the Himalayas accessible only by walking, there to live in poverty and struggle – a not so unusual family story in Nepal.

Kirat left school to work as a porter to help support his family. By taking on the support of his parents and younger siblings he ended his prospects of education and a life of his own. About this he says, when pressed, “It is what it is“, and gets on with what life has dished up to him, with his typical good humour.

Promoted at the age of 21 to guide tours, his outstanding ability still earned him a somewhat meagre income to support his three siblings and his dad. His mum died in 2019.

Because of our support, Kirat is able to stay in Nepal back with his family and pursue his dream of propagating change for his nation. He is still a tour guide, and now also a social entrepreneur and helps with transporting handicraft products in Australia for me.

The Mountains are the End Goal

Kirat’s dream is to restore the pristine environment of the Himalayan Mountains.

Alongside Kirat’s capability of being a face for social change in Nepal, we are expanding our outreach.  Eco tourism is on his radar and consequently on ours too.

            --Written By: Webmaniacs

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