Why Buy From Nepal: Cashmere Scarves Australia

Though Nepal is a small country acquiring 57000 sq miles area, its traditional craftsmanship influences the world. Their paintings, wooden sculptures, cashmere are the real manifestation of their art and craft. Considering the admiration of handwoven pashmina products, Jano’s Bazaar brings Nepal’s.

Cashmere scarves to Australia.

Continue reading to explore why pashmina shawls are so popular worldwide.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a lavish item, which is highly expensive due to its huge demand. It not only bestows perfect insulation but also gives a cozy feeling to the wearer. The soft-touch of the fabric accompanied by the insulation is just what we need on shivering cold days.

Types of Cashmere

The supreme quality of cashmere comes from the Changthang goats found in Tibet and partial areas of Ladakh. Pashmina is also found from other classes of goats’ coats. In fact, all pashmina is not cashmere.

The excellence of pashmina depends on the environment from where the animal comes from. The finest quality of pashmina is known as cashmere and exported worldwide. Thus, you can buy cashmere scarves online in Australia.

Goats breed in the Himalayas has the best class of wool. It grows to keep them insulated in the harsh winter.

Characteristics of Cashmere

Here’s why you will also crave cashmere scarves in Australia.


The main facet of cashmere is it is utterly thin and sheer. Though it gives perfect insulation in the cold, it is light-weighted. Avoid thick, heavy winter wears while going for an outing. A thin pashmina shawl can bestow 8 times insulation than ordinary woolens.


The feathery finish of the fabric gives you the ultimate cozy feeling. It doesn’t seem rough or ticklish like other woolens. It is one of the narrowest fibers that give you buttery touch.


You don’t have to handle your cashmere scarves very carefully to maintain their appearance. It is resistant to wrinkles and folds. Hence, you don’t have to iron it before wearing it.


If you wash it diligently, it can last for a lifetime. Of course, you can wear it for years as it is timeless and never become out of fashion.

People often ask why cashmere is so expensive. Yes, it is a luxury, and the quality is worth the price. The eminence of it is priceless. Buy cashmere scarves online from Jano’s Bazaar. This lush item is available in 7 colours in our store.


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