Why Buy from Nepal? Naga Necklaces and Bead Pendants

The products we sell have intriguing backstories. Sourced straight from Nepal’s back alleys and crowded markets, each and every product we showcase on our website is selected keeping in mind people who love rich history. Hence, it’s only natural for the conversations between Jano and her friends and acquaintances to revolve around the interesting elements that her products hold.

We’ve decided to bring these discussions to you, everyone on the internet who are interested in Nepal’s keepsakes.

Jewellery is only as ‘Real’ as the Story it tells

One of our most sold products are Naga necklaces and bead pendants. Don’t you want to know all about its history and significance in today’s world?  

The jewellery and beadwork for which Naga’s are known are recorded by some scholars as the “most beautiful, elaborate ornamentations of any tribal culture”.

The Naga Tribe

The Naga people of Northeast India and Northwest Burma are a part of different tribes united as the “Naga” – a name for a unique political stance and to denote a cultural society within the border of other nations.

For the Naga, the ornamentations do not serve solely as decoration – they symbolize the wearer’s identity along with the tribe to which he/she belongs.

There’s very little known about the history of Naga people, though we’ve done a bit of research for the best known facts about the enchanting tribe.

Here are a few:

  • They lived mostly in the mountains and places nobody else wanted to live and maintained a high degree of isolation
  • Some say the word Naga is derived from the Hindustani word for mountain – Nag
  • There are about 66 recorded tribes and about 15 major ones
  • Naga’s descend from Tibet-Myanmar ethnic races
  • In World War II, they were recruited by the British to fight the Japanese
  • Many Naga members don’t like the word Naga; they prefer the names of their tribe or group. 
  • Angami magic-religion ceremonies are called Gennas. Important ones are held 11 times a year.
  • 95 percent Naga’s still in Nagaland, India are Christians with ancestors baptized during the British Colonization in India

The art style comes from the likes of the people living with such an exodus vibe.

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